Beautiful, Deadly and Dark

This post will refer back to my post Bill Henson, a Master. Through a few trials I have been experimenting with lighting like Hensons’ work. For the most part the selections shown will show the unique feel of my own work but also borrow inspiration from Bill Henson. Enjoy the viewing and small peek into the world I see.

Exploration of how low the light can go.

Exploration of how low the light can go.


Seduction or Shame? The image featured here is one of the very first I completed and explored what can be called the extreme low end of low key photography. The subject is barely seen and the lighting is almost screaming seductive movie notions. Would you consider this a forbidden fruit image or a person trying to make ends meet?


breaking a rule

Breaking the Rules

Flash Back. Light dances in a unique way every time you shine it. Grain to add a bit of truth and light in the frame to constrain your eye a little. The texture of the models hair created a wonder land for light to play and give me an image I can come back to time and time again.


almost a distant memory

Almost a distant memory

Apparition. The nights sky is amazing to loose yourself in at the best of times. Memories take hold and if you let your mind wonder you may find yourself looking at an apparition in the sky. A dream or a memory, it does not matter. They are always vivid and rarely clear. Always wanting you to spend a little more time within yourself to try and bring back more detail.



Power within an image

Power within an image

Film Noir. Every man has no clue and every woman wants to dominate or murder you. Women were traditionally inferior to men at the height of Film Noir. The thought of a man being controlled by a woman was unheard of. Power struggles are seductive and dangerous. They can come from within and also come from a third party. It’s a struggle we deal with on a daily basis  to some degree. A big thanks to Scott Vidler and Trudy Milton (Mumma Bear Magical Creations) for the amazing shooting session this image came from. The next photo is also from that shoot. Model- Ayla Stapleton



Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Femme Fatale. Would you cross her path? Venetian Blinds and a powerful model create unbelievable images. The protrusion of the model from the darkness adds to the mystique of the image. She appears to be able to command even the darkness it’s self. There is a certain come and get me if you dare feel that is hard to capture in such a basic minimalist way.

Back light

Back light

Back Light. This image was just a thought in my head for weeks. The vague thought of an egg on the body of someone had a sexual aspect to it. The lines and minimalist approach is almost signature of my work now along with using a flash as my light source and not a studio light.

Front Back

Front Back

Front Back. A matter of perspective. Are you looking at the front of a woman or the back of someone?


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