Inspiration from unlikely places.

Today I was looking on NineMSN and to my surprise there was an article about none other than Beyonce and her new single ‘Partition’ where she proves yet again that she has what it takes to turn heads. Now you may be asking me how this relates to inspiration because a humble woman of my kind would not likely get a chance to shoot for such a wonderful woman as Beyonce. Well your answer would come in probably an unlikely place. I would like to explain that I am not a “Current” music girl, in fact I would much rather listen to the Eagles and Bonjovi but this article interested me so I amused myself and took a peek.

While watching this particular video on youtube (explicit Video) my mind wandered to Bill henson’s work and how the dramatic shadows are almost similar. I know Beyonce did not use Bill Henson’s images for her saucy new routine however I could not help but notice the similarity in lighting positions. The way the light dances along the body, the lack of distracting aspects near the body and keeping it under lit to arouse the mind. (in Beyonce’s case probably more than just the mind) The exploration of light and minimalist positioning entices the mind to find more than the light wants you to see. How a leg can seem like something else or the way a shadow ripples against a curtain can want you to step through into a world that begs you to come in.

In coming weeks I am going to start exploring this low key lighting and style. The drama Bill Henson shows through his images is eery and dark while not violent. Kind of like a storm inside of the viewer. While I love the low key images I think I will probably focus a little more on the lines and less of the darker feelings. I may even employ my inner Beyonce a little to bring forward some saucy images if I can find a willing model with a body suit to give an illusion of the naked body.